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How to use Trace2UML together with Doxygen

From Doxygen version 1.5.3 doxygen supports sequence charts inside the documentation. Original doxygen works together with mscgen (a tool similar to Trace2UML).

But because Trace2UML is now call compatible with mscgen, you can use Trace2UML instead. The only thing you have to do by hand, is to RENAME "Trace2UML.exe" into "mscgen.exe" (or do a symbolic link, on Linux). This is because Doxygen has the tool name hard coded in its binary (maybe this will change one day ;-)

So follow the Doxygen documentation to insert a sequence diagram with the commands "\msc" and "\endmsc" but use Trace2UML syntax to describe the sequence diagram:



         ~ (!) Class1
         ~ ==> Class1 Create()
    Class1 (!) Class2
    Class1 ==> Class2 Init()
    Class1 <== Class2 0
         ~ <== Class1 0



Than Doxygen will place the following  graphic into your documentation: